$YUMA technical analysis

This is not to be taken as investment advise, it is simply my opinion.

1/27/20 update – approaching the target entry of $3.00 . This has been the most constant gainer. It is almost like farming: let it grow, harvest, repeat.

This trend started around 8/15/2019 when the stock price hit a low of $1.23 . within two trading days it saw a high of around $6.40 of course these gains did not hold, and the price settled around $2.00 before slowly declining to 1.81 . This pattern went on to repeat itself as seen in the attached chart, each time bouncing off of the trend line creating higher lows. This was a great setup to play off of over the last few months, and In my opinion another 10-20% swing is very likely, if the price can hold above $2.92 .

to sum it up, I will be waiting for the stock price to drop to 2.95 and hold above 2.90 . a break below 2.90 would be bearish. my target entry is 3.00 if this holds true, with a price target of 3.60 . This pattern has happened twice now, each time after the stock bounced off of its current support level which is around 2.95 .

1/20/20 review

This is settling as usual and heading back to support levels. What I will be watching for is to see if $3 will remain support or if it can hold somwhere around the 3.15 range.

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