$RAD stock chart 12/26/2019

$RAD chart

This is not to be taken as investment advice, it is simply my opinion.

the 50 day SMA crossed over the 200 day SMA around 12/9/19 on the daily chart, which is a very bullish sign. MACD and RSI have been steadily increasing over the past 9 days. MACD crossed over out of the red and into the green on 12/18/19. what really captures my attention is that the stock has broken above $20, a price range that has not been seen since January.

I will be watching this to open and stay above $20 on 12/27/19 with a target entry of $21 and target exit of $23-$25 depending on how the chart looks in real time as it makes the approach. If the price falls below $20 I would look for it to settle around $18.20 .

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2 thoughts on “$RAD stock chart 12/26/2019

  1. Going according to plan so far, holding for now. Bull flag forming could see the high of day 23.50 by close, still looking for continuation into next week.

  2. if this does not get back above $21.20 it will likely return to $20.00 . 23.50 eod not looking eminent. will continue watching the close for signs of possible continuation into next week.

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