$INPX stock chart analysis


This is not to be taken as investment advice, it is simply my opinion.

Trading action recap 1/2/20 Well, between this and $FCEL maybe I should start setting my targets higher. Nevertheless, it is always a good thing when a stock outperforms ones expectations, and that is exactly what happened today with $INPX. My original analysis below was based purely off a technical setup, but I will be taking a further look into the fundamentals before I make my next analysis. With a move like today it will take real fundamentals to keep this going. what I can say for now is that this was rejected off of the 200 day SMA, and continuation does look possible with the right fundamentals to back it up.

5 minute chart
Daily chart with 200 day SMA

1/2/20 Currently trading below the 200 day SMA, but this mornings premarket saw a break of the previous run.
Current resistance around $0.185, but I would like to see that break and reach the next resistance level around $0.21 holding $0.185 as new support, and that would be my ideal entry.

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