$NK Technical Analysis 1/20/20

This is not to be taken as investment advice, it is simply my opinion.

Update 1/21/20 10:00am est.

If this can hold above $6.40 and the trend continues, we could very well have a green day tomorrow. This has been holding well since the last run, and if you look at the photo above you will see where I have circled two red candles representing 4h of time. If history repeats itself, which is one thing you look for in technical analysis we could get that push for a break of $9.90 into the $12.00 range.

This has been on a strong uptrend since the end of November, but the last 5 days have been quite impressive by themselves. After sustaining it’s gains from the $1.20 range, it held around $3.50 until breaking out and reaching a high of around $8.65 . It declined back to the $4.90 range but still held gains overall providing strength for the next move upwards. This run managed to hit a high 9.90 and declined back to the $7 range where it rallied back to $8.40 before settling @$7.45 in after hours. I am looking for this to continue, holding above $7 and breaking through 9.90. my target for exit would be around 11.50 expecting a price towards $12 if this continues, but remember that is IF so if you are in a trade pay attention and watch for indicators and let the market tell you when to enter and exit.

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