$FCEL stock chart 12/26/19

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1/22/20 trading action

At first glance the financial report release by Fuel Cell Energy this morning looked less than favorable. A great financial report was not to be expected but the quarterly losses of $0.23 was 109% off the analyst report of $0.11 . There was an explanation for this however as the company had unexpected one time legal fees that made up for the majority of the expenses. Another point to note is that they are currently not focused on sales and focused on the “Three Piller Strategy” CEO Jason Few has implemented for the transformation into profitability. I feel the price will hold it was already inflated on news of the transformation and the other deals highlighted in today’s CC. It will take new developments to keep this run going, and that is likely to happen soon. Investment firms are starting to take notice to this and plan on allocating more funds in the alternative energy sector. If you would like some additional information after reading through this section check out this short article here!

For more on statements from one of the world’s largest investment firms, BlackRock visit this link here!

1/21/20 trading action

This hit a high of 2.95 originally today and then dipped to around 2.65, which is where I gained re entry. Strong close today leading up to ER and CC tomorrow. Very excited to see how Pre Market does tomorrow. Holding for now.

1/21/20 pre game

This has held well over the last few weeks, and is on a 5 day uptrend from support levels. Will be watching to see if this can hold above 2.40 Tuesday morning or if it will return to the 2.20 range. The trend is getting stronger as we approach the new ER and CC date. This is still in the bulls favor holding well above the 200 day SMA while bringing up the 50 for a golden cross which could mean this is the beginning of an even larger uptrend. If CEO Jason Few can pull off his $6 target for his bonus; which seems likely, and if these hydrogen fuel ventures prove successful I could see this becoming the better alternative fuel. With that being said the technicals are predicting a strong uptrend, but it is still ultimately up to the fundamentals to unfold. Check back for more information on $FCEL and more tickers.

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Success hold

Watch to hold above $2.00 , This could fade without more news before the 14th cc, but Loving the after hours movement and I hope everyone was able to secure some profits today, personally I am ready to keep riding this at least until the 14th.

Daily chart as of 12/29/19, used to judge the strength of a longer term up trend. 50 day SMA combined with the 200 day SMA. MACD & RSI

update on 12/30/19. looks like I had to re-buy for what I sold. Based on the technical chart, I feel this will have a strong close. Pays to play it safe sometimes. Lets make some more money tomorrow!

Recap of 12/30/19 trading action. Price hit a high of $1.69 after the wall from 12/27/19 of $1.50 was broken today. Overall continuation of the uptrend looks good, but I secured my gains @ $1.61 and am looking for an end of day dip for re entry in the $1.51- 1.55 range. what I am looking for is the 50 day SMA on the 5 min chart to hold and recover from 1.54, if that support fails, a return to VWAP @ $1.51 would prove the better re entry, of course I will be watching for that to hold and recover before I put my purchase order in. Overall, great day bulls!

recap of 12/27/19 price action. Price hit a high of 1.60 when the market opened this morning. It quickly dipped to $1.26 and made a nice recovery to $1.45.. It seemed to have good odds of breaking the premarket high, and I would imagine a few traders were let down on todays action. That aside the bulls were able to pull through and keep it from going below 1.20 , which in hindsight is still a great gain given the 12/26/19 opening price around .83 cents. I would like to think that those who wanted to take gains have done so, and Monday is looking good for continuation in my opinion. I would like to see this break above todays high and push its way towards $1.80 and hold into the conference call on the 14th.

trade action on 12/26 very nice price action today, and great movement into afterhours. The run began 11/5/2019 at $0.30 per share and saw a high of $0.99 . The price has been falling and hit a new low around $0.46 which is still about 50% higher than where it started. beginning on 12/10/19 the price bounced off of the 50 day SMA on the daily chart, reaching a high of $0.75 . on 12/20/19 MACD crossed over into the green and today it broke above the 200 day SMA of $1.08 also breaking above the previous high. After hours trading finished at $1.13 for a 35% gain on the day.

I will be watching this for continuation into tomorrow, but $1.11 needs to hold in my opinion and see a bounce from that level. My target entry will be around $1.15 with a target exit of $1.30 .

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One thought on “$FCEL stock chart 12/26/19

  1. News this morning put a different spin on this, but I am still holding. a high of $1.60 with a dip to the 5day SMA at $1.31 . over the last hour and a half the stock has made a nice recovery and is forming a bullish flag. I am holding for now, with a target exit of $1.60 unless momentum is strong enough to push $1.70 , which would be approximately the length of the flag pole.

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