Environmental Changes & the Economy

Is this an ongoing problem?

especially if you live in the south, you may have noticed how warm it has been this winter. Now I’m not one to complain considering I prefer lounging on the beach as opposed to shivering as I wait for my car to warm up. But why has it been so warm? A term almost everyone is familiar with is global warming, could this be the culprit or is there another explanation? I want to take a deeper look at what has been going on, and what kind of action we are taking to create a healthier atmosphere.

Consequences of emmisions

Water levels are rising causing increased coastal flooding, heat waves are disrupting the nation, and more people around the world are dying of diseases such as malaria. 250,000 additional people per year. The younger generation is outraged at the condition the boomers are trying to hand over the world. California wild fires are so bad that they have to shut off the power during a wind storm. Imagine that thousands of people without power because it is windy outside. That is the world we are living in, So what are we doing about it?

Solutions To Our Harmful Emmisions Problems

Electric vehicles

One way to eliminate harmful Emmisions is to go straight to the source, and what better way to do that than alternative fuels. One of the most common methods today is fully electric or hybrid vehicles that run partly on gasoline and partly on electricity. $TSLA is doing quite well so far this year and plans to keep innovating, and Elon Musk is truly a genius so I certainly think their will be a place for electric vehicles in this greener future we are striving for as a society.

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel is another solution that companies like Toyota and Fuel Cell Energy are prepping for the future as well. This could be a phenomenal transition from gassoline to a 0 Emmisions, environmentally friendly fuel. Like traditional gassoline, hydrogen fuel can be gathered from a pump so there would not be much change for the consumer outside of purchasing the new vehicle.

Hydrogen Power Plant

Molten carbonate fuel cells

“A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a fuel (often hydrogen) and an oxidizing agent (often oxygen) into electricity.” More info here!

Did you know?!

The cool thing about this is the only emission from a hydrogen powered vehicle is water vapor!

Molten carbonate fuel cell technology is among the better choices when it comes the the different types of fuel cells and creating hydrogen fuel, and here’s why. MCFCs are more efficient than some of the competing methods, for it can reach efficiencies approaching 65%, VS 37%–42% efficiencies of a phosphoric acid fuel cell plant. To make it an even sweeter deal, the heat from the waste can be captured and used to increase fuel efficiencies to over 85%! That is just the effecient method we need to help with the cost associated with this new infastructure.


Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda, has a vision of not only hydrogen powered cars, but also hydrogen powered cities. That’s right, entire cities powered by hydrogen, and the current deadline to have this project completed is by the 2020 Olympics. If you would like some more information on that just visit this link here!

Fuel Cell Energy

$FCEL or Fuel Cell Energy is a company working with molten carbonate fuel cells to provide hydrogen fueling solutions. They are working on deals with Toyota and have a strong history of being a leader amongst other hydrogen energy producers. Recently they were backed by Orion Energy Partners, who specializes in energy infrastructure companies. This was done through an 8 year $200 million strategic corporate loan facility. More info here! They have contracts with the United States Navy, more info here! The new plant in California will have a great number of eyes watching to see if this can be rolled out on a larger scale. More info here!

The governments role

Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

Recently President Donald Trump stated “This is just the beginning, we will not stop until our nation’s gleaming infrastructure is the envy of the world again!” I think that it is great that we are making improvements to our infrastructure, but maybe we should start to reevaluate exactly what kind of infrastructure that will be. The changes also involve scaling back federal environmental law to accommodate for the excess pollution and other environmental factors such as animal displacement and relocation. A solution to these environmental hazards needs to be reached soon, and companies such as Fuel Cell Energy and Toyota are working on doing just that. Other governments are already starting to realize the importance of finding a practical alternative fuel, and the idea is already taking root on the west coast.

Growing industry

Now could be the perfect time to get invested in this growing industry, for great advances are being made in regards to the possibilities of hydrogen fuels. If you would like more information on the technical analysis of $FCEL just visit this link here!

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