$Corona Stocks Technical Analysis 1/ 27/20

This is purely my opinion and is not to be taken as investnent advice.

I am looking for this to recover from these levels, but if it can not bounce here I do see more downside potential before making a recovery.
If it can push through 1.42 PH/AH and have another move as it did after the first offering. Bouncing off 1.20 may not be necessary looks like it could hold driving the SMA higher for a breakout

$AYTU well I’m sure there were alot of traders negatively effected by the offering today, despite the constant warning from other traders that an offer was eminent. Heres the good news, the offering was a private offering, not a public offering and although the offer was made for approximately 7 million shares @ $1.15, that is a relatively low ammount. All things considered the price held well just now breaking slightly below 1.70. I feel some consolidation in in order before this runs again.

with the current status of the virus (To save my own time writing this, and your time reading, I am not going to go into great detail about the virus. If you are not closely following this outbreak, you should not be trading in this current market.) I will say that I have been watching this ever since China had slightly over 300 cases, that number only continued to grow. The first few cases reached the United States and while it has spread as fast as Italy or Iran, all of these places have one thing in common. They were not able to stop the spread, and those few cases quickly became thousands.

What should you take from all of this? Considering a possible cure or vaccine is atleast a year out, this is going to get worst before it gets better. What better way to invest in this current market than companies working diligently to provide some sort of solution for containment through the form of a test kit.


This is purely my opinion and is not to be taken as investnent advice.

Recap 1/27/20 – has been on an uptrend since 1/23/20 and looks prime for continuation. Premarket action today saw bug gains, and it held well into morning trading hours. Momentum trailed off during the afternoon, but it managed to stay above the highs it achieved in premarket. As with the other Corona tickers, momentum picked up this afternoon and it saw a strong close. I will be watching this to break above $4.00 tomorrow.

There are a plenty more ticker s out there effected in a positive way from this horrible outbreak, but these are the ones I’m focusing on for now.

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