$CLSD stock chart 12/26/19 & 1/20/20

This is not to be taken as investment advice, it is simply my opinion.

This one has captured my attention based off the strong uptrend over the last month. the price began around $1.00 slightly over one month ago. Currently the price sits at $3.40 with a high of $3.95 . Did not see a strong close, but MACD does look as if it is going to crossover on the 15 minute chart, and I do feel this still has some upside potential. The 50 day SMA crossed over the 200 day SMA on the daily chart. A very bullish sign.

If this can hold above $3.35 tomorrow, my target entry would be around $3.48 and I would swing it into next week. If the price does not hold, my ideal entry would be after a bounce off of $2.90 .


Pre game 1/21/20

The stock never reached my confirmation levels and has been in my side lined section ever since, but Fridays price action leads me to believe that this could continue. Currently the bid is sitting @$2.81 and the ask @$2.90 . I would like to see this hold and break through $2.80 to push towards $3.30 to $3.90 .

Update 1/21/20 10:20 am est.

Today’s trading action is going well so far and breaking through those resistance levels. I would like to see $3.30 hold and go for the next leg up from there.

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2 thoughts on “$CLSD stock chart 12/26/19 & 1/20/20

  1. @Rich Ross Was just evaluating the technical chart, will take a look at fundamentals over the weekend. In the meantime feel free to post you own DD.

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