$CDTX stock chart analysis 1/2/20 – 1/21/20


1/2/20 Looking for some volume to kick in, 50 day SMA crossed over the 200 from below around 11/26/19 for a ride from around $2.25 – $2.82, saw some pullback to around $2.36, but overall has held above the 200 day SMA. After the dip MACD crossed over into the green 12/26/19 and has hit a high of $3.98 with a pullback to 3.49. it has recovered nicely to 3.90 this morning so my ideal entry for a continuation play would be a break of $4.00.

1/21/20 update

After some consolidation, same concept applies. Watching this to break above $4 and hold. Resistance @$4.30 could push through imo.

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