$AGTC stock chart 12/26/19


This is not to be taken as investment advice, it is simply my opinion.

This one has had a great run over the last 5 days starting on 12/19/19 around $2.80 . It hit a high today of $5.49 before settling and closing at $4.92. was not the strongest close but what is important here is that the price held well all day considering the large move it made on Tuesday.

I will be watching this to hold above $4.80 with a target entry at $5.00 if it can bounce from that level . My sell target will be $6.30

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One thought on “$AGTC stock chart 12/26/19

  1. Did not enter this one. $4.80 did not hold, but I will still keep this on watch for continuation into next week. saw a low of 4.30 and has made a decent recovery from that level. Currently sitting at $4.75 . Would like to see this one close around $5.00 .

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